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Welcome to Elix Group, an alliance of prestigious watchmaking and luxury brands. Since our creation, our aim has been to bring together family-run businesses that share the same passion for excellence and know-how. We are proud to offer our customers exceptional products.



Our mission is to create unique synergies between our exceptional Maisons, SwissKubiK, Scatola del Tempo and Atelier Zorn, by highlighting their respective identities and combining their expertise to offer our customers products and services of unrivalled quality in the luxury industry.



Passion, excellence and craftsmanship are at the heart of our DNA.
We are committed to preserving the art of watchmaking and exceptional craftsmanship, emphasizing tradition while embracing innovation to offer a unique experience to our customers.



Our ambition is to become a leading player in the luxury goods industry by continuing to bring together houses of excellence that share our vision and values.
We strive to push the boundaries of personalization and customer experience by offering exceptional products that reflect elegance, technology and creativity.



Xavier Castelli Président Fondateur de Elix Group

Xavier Castelli

Founding Chairman

At the heart of Elix Group lies the imprint of a visionary founder: Xavier Castelli. As a daring businessman, he was able to breathe new life into this family-owned group, propelling it to unsuspected heights.


Elix Group’s history is rooted in four generations of entrepreneurial innovation.
The story begins with Xavier’s great-grandfather, Saverio Castelli, who revolutionized the industry by inventing the “Cri-Dan” tool threading system just before the Second World War.


The torch was then passed to his son, Yves Castelli, who has carried on the legacy of precision and excellence. It was then that Xavier Castelli, son of Yves, took over the reins of the family business. After exploring the fields of finance and machine tools, he was called upon to manage a pharmaceutical plant. In this new adventure, Xavier saw a unique opportunity to develop a subcontracting business for pharmaceutical products under the Delpharm brand.


Building on this heritage of excellence and innovation, Xavier Castelli went even further by acquiring SwissKubik and Scatola del Tempo, two renowned watch accessory companies, and Atelier Zorn, a French cabinetmaker. These strategic acquisitions have consolidated Elix Group’s position in the luxury goods industry.


As a visionary founder, Xavier Castelli has given Elix Group a fresh impetus, guided by his unwavering commitment to excellence, quality and innovation. His inspiring career and determination to push back the boundaries have left their mark on the history of the family group, and continue to shape its promising future in the world of luxury.

Louis Castelli

General Manager

At just 39, Louis Castelli is the next generation of Elix Group as President of the three operating companies: Scatola del Tempo, SwissKubik and Atelier Zorn. Son of Xavier Castelli, founder and current chairman of the group, Louis brings a fresh wind of daring and innovation.


Having joined Elix Group in 2017, Louis quickly proved himself by applying his entrepreneurial skills and desire for excellence. His father’s career in the pharmaceutical industry, marked by rigor and precision, provided him with the values that motivate him today in his management role.


Louis quickly made a name for himself in the luxury watch industry, bringing a touch of modernity and creativity to the Group’s brands. Its expertise in management and strategic development has enabled Elix Group to strengthen its presence on the global market and win the loyalty of an increasingly demanding clientele.


By implementing tailor-made practices and striving for excellence at every stage, Louis Castelli has established himself as an inspirational leader within the family group. His passion for high-end watches and watchmaking in general is reflected in the impeccable quality of the products offered by the Group’s companies.


Under Louis’ leadership, Elix Group continues to prosper and expand its influence in the watchmaking industry. With a clear vision for the future, he perpetuates the family heritage while opening up new avenues of innovation and growth.

Éric Caudrelier-Bénac

Sales Manager

With a professional heritage deeply rooted in the world of luxury, Éric Caudrelier Bénac is an emblematic figure in the watchmaking industry. With over two decades of experience, his career illustrates an undeniable expertise and passion for the delicate mechanisms of watchmaking.


A graduate of the prestigious EHL Hospitality Business School, where he acquired the skills needed to redefine leadership in hospitality, Éric has also nurtured a passion for watchmaking over the years, becoming an assiduous collector.


His 25 years’ experience covers an impressive range of luxury goods, including jewelry, watches and cosmetics. Having headed retail and wholesale networks, and set up franchise chains in Switzerland, including the Swiss Dinh Van franchise, Éric has in-depth expertise in Central and Eastern European markets.


His career has included leading roles in renowned companies: Area Sales Executive for Bulgari, VIP & Private Sales for de Grisogono, and Key Account Manager for the Swiss market at Blue Infinity. However, the jewel in his crown remains his 20-year collaboration with SwissKubik, a brand he cherishes deeply.


As a shareholder and CCO of Elix Group, he demonstrates his commitment and devotion to the brand and the sector.


Lorenzo De Capitani

Chief Financial Officer

Lorenzo De Capitani, as CFO of Elix Group, brings solid expertise and unwavering dedication to our team. With a degree in accountancy obtained in Italy in 1989, he has cultivated a set of essential skills and gained invaluable experience through his many years in the financial sector.


Lorenzo began his career in a small company, where he honed his accounting and business management skills. In April 1996, he met Sandro Colarieti, founder of Scatola del Tempo, who would prove decisive for his career. Over the years spent in this family business, Lorenzo has developed a real passion for Italian watchmaking and craftsmanship.


With the acquisition of Scatola del Tempo by Elix Group in December 2017, Lorenzo had the opportunity to broaden his horizons by confronting different working methods, an essential skill for managing the administrative and financial areas of an international group. He currently heads the Group’s administrative team and manages the Italian branch, bringing to these roles a spirit of rigor and innovation.


With a keen eye for numbers and a passion for Italian culture and excellence, Lorenzo De Capitani embodies the core values of Elix Group, whose financial strategy he is determined to steer to new heights.

Guillaume Loffroy

Digital Marketing Director

Guillaume Loffroy, Digital Marketing Director, puts his deep passion for luxury watchmaking and his marketing expertise at the service of the group’s three companies. Driven by an infectious enthusiasm, Guillaume brings inestimable value to his role, translating into an innovative and creative approach.


Navigating the world of luxury with ease since the start of his career, Guillaume has constantly strived to surpass himself, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. His trajectory in digital marketing and communications is marked by major achievements, underpinned by a nuanced understanding of the sector.


Experienced and passionate, he stands out for his love of watches and exceptional objects. This fascination with refined aesthetics is reflected in his work methodology, where he devotes himself to encapsulating the essence of luxury in incisive and inventive marketing strategies.


Incorporating his passion for watchmaking, his experience in luxury goods and his expertise in digital marketing, Guillaume Loffroy is the perfect embodiment of the spirit of innovation and excellence that Groupe Elix strives to promote.


His influence is vital to the sustainability and success of the Group’s businesses, and helps to set new standards of quality in the luxury world. With Guillaume at the helm, the Elix Group is on the road to a revolutionary digital transformation.

Philippe Zorn

Managing Director, Atelier Zorn

Philippe Zorn embodies a four-generation tradition of cabinet-making. Born in the shavings, his journey from the Lycée des métiers d’Art in Saint-Quentin and the Lycée Couffignal in Strasbourg to the luxurious cabins of private jets reflects his commitment to excellence and innovation.


Philippe has diversified his skills, successfully tackling the design of ultra-luxury spaces in the world of private aviation. His global vision of the craft and his understanding of the many aspects of furniture-making enable him to approach each project in its entirety, whether it involves traditional craftsmanship or unique technical challenges.


His vast experience and dedication to quality have earned him recognition within his sector. Following the takeover of Atelier Zorn by Elix Group, Philippe continues to run his workshop as Managing Director, working alongside Louis Castelli, the new CEO.


Philippe Zorn is more than a cabinetmaker. He is the link between family tradition and the evolution of Atelier Zorn in a modern, competitive context. His dedication to fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and commitment to innovation make him an inspiring and respected leader.


Its management will continue to breathe a breath of excellence and renewal into Atelier Zorn, honoring its past while sculpting its future.

Cristiana Colarieti


At the heart of the prestigious watchmaking world, a prominent figure emerges as the embodiment of Italian excellence and Swiss refinement: Cristiana Colarieti. Daughter of founder Sandro Colarieti, who created Scatola del Tempo in the late 1980s, Cristiana grew up with a devoted passion for watchmaking and craftsmanship.


After studying languages at the Liceo Linguistico Francesco Casnati in Como, Italy, Cristiana joined the family business. In December 1991, she began her career as Sales Manager, a position she held with distinction for thirteen years. Thanks to her exceptional skills and inspired vision, Cristiana took over the reins of the company in October 2004, succeeding her father as CEO.


Under Cristiana’s leadership, Scatola del Tempo continued to evolve and flourish, celebrating its thirtieth anniversary in 2019 with the triumphant return of the iconic Rotor-One, the brand’s very first winder.
Scatola del Tempo quickly became a benchmark for high-end watch accessories.


In December 2017, Cristiana Colarieti decided to join forces with Elix Group, marking another significant milestone in the history of Scatola del Tempo.
This strategic alliance enabled the brand to benefit from even greater expertise and scale thanks to the support of the Elix Group.