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SwissKubik announces its rebranding


A fusion of minimalism, rhythm and modernity

Geneva – SwissKubik, a recognized leader in the field of rotating cases for automatic watches, is proud to announce its rebranding, marking a new stage in its rich and innovative history.

A Swiss watchmaking heritage

Born in the heart of Switzerland, the cradle of watchmaking excellence, SwissKubik has always been synonymous with precision and reliability. Its distinctive cubic shape is not only a guarantee of quality, but also a symbol of progress and innovation. Inspired by this heritage, the brand has decided to give new impetus to its identity.

A new vision for the future

SwissKubik’s renewed vision is to become the ideal companion for luxury watches, in tune with the soul of the Swiss watch market. This ambition aims to make SwissKubik an essential part of the global watchmaking experience. Each SwissKubik winder is not just a functional accessory, but a true symbol of watchmaking innovation.

Contemporary, avant-garde design

The rebranding highlights SwissKubik’s iconic cubic shape, while underlining its avant-garde attitude. The new visual identity, dynamic and lively, plays with shapes, sizes and colors, while maintaining overall consistency. The typeface chosen, Roobert Pro, reflects this modernity while retaining a certain timelessness.

Commitment to excellence

SwissKubik remains true to its core values of excellence, innovation and proximity. The brand is committed to constantly pushing back the boundaries of excellence, offering products and services of unrivalled quality. Innovation remains at the heart of SwissKubik’s approach, with a constant desire to protect the most precious timepieces.

About SwissKubik

SwissKubik is a leading Swiss brand of rotating cases for automatic watches. Founded in the heart of Switzerland, it is renowned for its excellence in fine watchmaking and its commitment to innovation and quality.

For further information, please contact:

SwissKubik SA
Rue Chausse-Coq 16, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 (0) 21 921 60 60

This press release reflects the key information in the document provided and highlights SwissKubik’s rebranding while respecting its heritage and vision for the future.