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Scatola del Tempo unveils its new look

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A renaissance of Italian elegance

Como – Scatola del Tempo, the iconic house of luxury accessories, is proud to announce its rebranding, celebrating its heritage while looking resolutely to the future. This transformation is part of an evolutionary process, while remaining true to its Italian roots and commitment to excellence.

The essence of Italianità

Scatola del Tempo’s new identity is built around the essence of Italianità, a concept that goes beyond simple Italian know-how. It reflects a state of mind, a fusion of elegance, sophistication, exceptional craftsmanship, quality design, authenticity, creativity and passion.

A new visual identity with the “S” imprint

The visual identity has been redesigned to reflect Italian aesthetic codes: clean lines, sophisticated colors and refined details. The new logo, “Quintessenza degli Accessori”, highlights our initial, the “S”, subtly framed in a generous circle, symbolizing our Italianness and the imprint of the craftsman. The typography chosen, Bagoss Extended, combines modernity and timelessness, while the color palette is inspired by the noble materials used in the brand’s luxury accessories.

A tribute to history

Scatola del Tempo has always been at the crossroads of passion, creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. Born in Italy, it was founded by Sandro Colarieti, who brought a touch of soul to every creation. Today, the brand revives this generous, bold personality, while showcasing its craftsmanship and unrivalled technology.

Towards new horizons

This rebranding is more than just a visual transformation. It’s a new vision, rooted in the brand’s Italian origins, which aspires to become the quintessential luxury accessory. Scatola del Tempo is committed to preserving its integrity while infusing it with new energy, so that it blends harmoniously with its timeless creations.

About Scatola del Tempo

Scatola del Tempo is a luxury house specializing in the creation of exceptional static and rotating cases. Founded in Italy, it is the originator of the first rotating case for automatic watches. Today, it is recognized for its craftsmanship, refined design and commitment to excellence.

For further information, please contact:

Scatola del Tempo S.r.l.
Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 65, 22066 Mariano Comense (CO), Italy
+39 031 360 982

This press release reflects the key information in the document provided, and highlights Scatola del Tempo’s rebranding while respecting its heritage and vision for the future.